• AIR-MARINE Group strives to be the best logistics services provider regionally and nationwide in its mainstream business as well as focusing on niche by reengineering its approach to solving customers’ logistics process especially in complex projects for Heavy Transportation and Heavylifting jobs necessitating challenging performance.

    As a forerunner of Malaysia’s Heavy Transportation and Heavylifting leader to our customers, we will relentlessly delivered the platform and achievements essential to the success of our country’s economy in this niche market.

    Our passion is to create wealth to our country and to strike superiority in developing a harmonious enterprise and society. We strive to contribute to the micro economy of Malaysia in this niche as a local entity by consolidating our position for sustainable development of our nation’s coffer. We are here in our own turf to dominate, to stay and to realize a Malaysian dream that as a Malaysian company we are proud to be capable of challenges & high performance that do without foreign partnership.


  • AIR-MARINE Group’s mission is to provide innovative, practical and top-quality services that improve business solutions for our customer.

    Our goal is to add value for customers, colleagues, business partners and shareholders through consistent pursuit of excellence and commitment by

    •   Instilling a passion for innovation and technological advancement
    •   Conducting our business in a manner that protect the safety of our employees, customers, the public and the environment
    •   Offering an efficient “TOTAL” logistics and heavylift services 
    •   Operating a cost-efficient organization
    •   Providing a work environment with opportunity for growth, participation, and open communication, to attract and retain the highest quality individuals
    •   Being socially responsible and actively contribute to the community