• AIR-MARINE has a diversified fleets of mobile & crawler cranes and transport equipment for rental services in this region which offer either ‘wet or dry‘ hire. Wet hire refers to rental of equipment with crane operator and other related services while dry hire refers to long term bare rental of equipment without the operator. We provide lifting & transportation solutions for projects of all sizes; whether it be a short-term requirement or a major contract, AIR-MARINE can adapt to meet your needs. We are the one-stop centre for hire of equipment in your project specifically in the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Conventional & Hydro Power Plants, Civil Construction, Shipbuilding, Infrastructure, Minerals, Metal & Mining, Offshore & Module Yards and others.

  • We provide unparallel support for dry & wet hire arrangement and have experienced technicians to assist with service & maintenance work. Our crane hire is complemented with logistics support which makes mobilisation & demobilisation of crane more efficient and less expensive. The advantage of renting AIR-MARINE equipment is varied:-
     DOSH certified operator for crane
     Licensed driver for vehicular equipment
     On demand fleets
     Variable equipment to take care of your needs
     Abiding to time schedule
     Quick mobilisation & demobilisation of equipment for project work
     Safety & Quality management being our top priority agenda
     Good maintenance programme which maximise uptime while minimising downtime effectively
     Customer service support
     Equipment replacement or supplementation
     Wealth of industrial experience on rental in the aspect of lifting and transportation
     Pool of engineers ready to analyse a particular lift or transport job
     Competitive pricing at budget friendly rental

  • AIR-MARINE Rental Division is designed to serve a variety of customers which require the expertise of our product mix. In providing the rental service, we devoted specifically to address the growing needs of the different segment of the Industries by dispensing special knowledge of our products to customers. By renting of AIR-MARINE equipment, customers will benefit from worry and hassle-free due to reduce downtime from equipment which will be serviced and maintained periodically, advice on the general & specialized requirements for the specific types or models of equipment, the advantage of flexibility when carrying out jobs which are seasonal, project to project basis, temporary or specialized kind of work and the cost associated with administrating, managing and storing the equipment.